Hubs and capacities

Hubs and capacities

Take a look at our capacities below, and please contact us to help decide on the most suitable mode/equipment for your project.

Our facility staff are available to help with this and to offer advice on your X-ray tomography projects.

The prices are to be discussed according to the project, the hub location, equipment to be used, and the need for support during the data collection, data processing and data access.

Projects involving human samples must have the REK approval, as well as those involving animal samples must have the approval of the ethical committee.

The NEXT is composed of three main hubs, located in the following Universities: The University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and The University of Bergen.

You can also contact directly one of our hubs, and ask for more information:

University of Oslo – UiO Hub

The UiO hub has four Micro/NanoCT systems with a complementary capacity, entailing a broad range of specimens, from biomedical to industrial.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU Hub

The NTNU hub has four Micro/NanoCT systems, two from Bruker and two custom made systems.

University of Bergen – UiB

The UiB hub has one Micro/NanoCT systems from Bruker.